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APSDA DTCDW Day 2 – Korea   Leave a comment

Mark taught advanced translation in the morning.  There was no voicing for those of us who don’t understand a sign language.  However, there was a lot of sign language to sign language interpretation going on as the Deaf helped each other to understand these advanced concepts.

In the afternoon we discussed Deaf identity and how to help settle conflicts between people and organisations.  I was asked to answer a couple of questions.  Mark interpreted for me and then Pastor Minamida re-signed what Mark interpreted, making it more clear.

The discussion on Deaf identity was very interesting. To the outsider it should be easy to decide who is Deaf – can they hear?  The discussion, however, was about who was culturally Deaf not who was medically Deaf.  One of the participants sent from her translation team to this Deaf Workshop is a CODA who is able to hear.  Both her parents are Deaf and she was raised in the Deaf world.  Her team considers her to be culturally Deaf.  It is too bad that my signing skills are so poor that I couldn’t follow most of the conversation.  The information I am sharing I got as a summary in the car on the way back from bowling (see below).  They did not reach a consensus which is understandable since Deaf identity is culturally defined and we have people from different cultures attending.  It may be the the origin of this discussion came from the APSDA meeting (see earlier post) when they were talking about the requirement that Board members be Deaf.  This wasn’t discussed in detail then.

Then I got a surprise when Miya knocked on my door after supper and asked if I wanted to go bowling.  Of the 18 people at this Workshop 13 of us went bowling.  They announced a modest prize for the best bowler.  I ended up winning both games and got the prize  : – )

Below Pastor Matsumoto shows his form.