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Kisumu, Kenya CBS Scripture Use Project – Part 1   Leave a comment

DOOR Africa has published scriptures selections in the form of chronological Bible stories (CBS) in Kenya Sign Language (KSL).  An association of Deaf churches in Kenya has assumed responsibility for taking these stories to Kisumu, Kenya and training the Deaf church leaders there how to use these Bible portions effectively.  Below is a map of Kenya showing the location of the capital, Nairobi, where the Deaf translation team with DOOR continues to work on translating more of the Bible.  On the far west of the country is Kisumu city, which is in Nyanza Province.  Kisumu is on Lake Victoria and is the third largest city in Kenya, with a population of of 350,000.    Nyanza Province has a population of more than 4.4 million people.

Like in many countries and regions there is no accurate count of the number of Deaf people in Kisumu city or Nyanza District.  Here is a picture of some of them who had gathered to study the KSL translation (June 2011).

For more information see – Kisumu CBS Project Page.



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