Bujumbura 2010 Near Hotel   Leave a comment

Although the large covered market is nearby we have tended to do our shopping at smaller stores just a block or two from the Hotel Amahoro.  Having traveled to more than 50 countries it is interesting to see what is for sale in their stores.    Sometimes I products and brands I recognise.  Sometimes I recognise products but not the brands.  Some items in the stores are just a mystery to me.  In the picture below the Fanta Orange soda on the bottom shelf is familiar.  The corn flakes on the shelf above are familiar but the brand, Bisco Misr, isn’t familiar.  Above that is a row of Nescafé coffee cans and above that are Bic pens.

What can you identify on the shelves behind Durai (DOOR consultant in training) in the picture below?  Please answer in a comment.


Posted 26 December 2011 by prpttccnsltnt in Africa, Burundi

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