Bujumbura 2008 – Near Hotel   1 comment

Here are some pictures near the Amahoro Hotel in Bujumbura, Burundi.  Here is the view to the right of our Hotel.  (Directions will be given as if one is facing the Hotel.)

And here is the view to the left towards Lake Tanganyika.

Here are two views across from the Hotel.  Depending on my room I sometimes get this view from my small balcony.  We have stayed at this Hotel 3 trips.  The first view shows my favourite Burundi tree again.

In Mississippi I used to grow flowers but it has been years since I have had a flower garden.  I still love to look at them though.


Posted 24 December 2011 by prpttccnsltnt in Burundi

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  1. Hello Harry and Geri:
    I enjoyed your pictures of Bujumbura. Reminded me so much of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea where we traveled through every time we left or returned to the country. There are a lot of Oleander trees/bushes there too. Though the plant itself is poisonous the flowers are very pretty when in full bloom.
    See you in Manila in a week.
    Happy New Year,

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