APSDA DTCDW Day 11 – Korea   Leave a comment

Today (Thursday) Pastor Matsumoto (Deaf Japan) shared how the Japanese team does exegetical checking using video conferencing.  Unfortunately, the bandwidth at the conference site was not robust enough to handle multiple video connections at the same time.  The video was very jerky and delayed.  I have seen it work very well in Japan.

Later Harry (Hearing USA) shared about how to check different sorts of translations and adaptations, things like movies and pictures.  Pastor Minamida (Deaf Japan) served as his interpreter.

Some of you may wonder how a Deaf interpreter can interpret for a Hearing person who is speaking.  We positioned Mark Penner (Hearing USA) in the back of the room.  Mark (below) interpreted what I said, then Pastor Minamida watched Mark and improved on Mark’s signing.  Deaf audiences often find this improved interpretation easier to understand.

Many people think that the hands by far are the most important component in a sign language conversation.  Actually the face conveys a lot of the meaning in signed languages.  The three pictures below show how Pastor Matsumoto’s face changed in just 10 seconds.


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