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Tuesday (Day 9) was a fun day.  Pastor Hori (Deaf Japan) led the presentation of natural drafting.  Traditional translation usually has the translator read the passage in one language and then to make a draft in another language.  Often the translation draft has an influence from the first language.  The result is that the translation is not natural.  Using a natural drafting method tries to eliminate the interference from the first language.  We do this by first studying the passage in the first language so that we understand the meaning.  Then we draw pictures to represent the meaning.  Sometimes the translators act out the passage so that they internalise the meaning but without relying on words in a foreign language.  When they understand a passage well, the translator makes a first draft and can use the pictures to help the memory but cannot use words.

Here are two Korean pictures.  One doesn’t have to be a good artist.  Yes, a few words are allowed.

One of the Chinese speaking teams discuss their pictures.

The passage being discussed by both teams is Judges 1.1-15.   Translation consultants need to know how to train teams to use different translation methods so it is important for them to have experience with different methods.


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