APSDA DTCDW Day 10 B – Korea   4 comments

Today in the afternoon was particularly fun.  Miya led a discussion of poetry, how to translate it and how to check a translation of poetry.  Besides the discussion each team had to translate Ecclesiastes 3.1-8.  Here are some still shots.

The Japanese SL team used three people.  They started with all three standing together with Pastor Matsumoto standing in front.

Then they spread apart, with Uiko on the right side of the picture and Pastor Minamida on the left.  Here is a time to be born and a time to die.

What is Uiko holding in the picture above?

What pair of opposites is shown in the picture below?

The Korean team of consultants also used three people.  Pastor Kim Yong Whan in the middle is the time and he is acted upon by the other two – Pastor  Hwang Joon Hwan and Evangelist Lee Joon.

We had lots of fun.


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4 responses to “APSDA DTCDW Day 10 B – Korea

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great pictures and the fun!

  2. This is great!! Love the interactive posts. 🙂
    Uiko is holding a baby and Pastor Minamida is showing death.
    Then Pastor Minamida is throwing stones, while Uiko is gathering stones.
    Pastor Kim Yong Whan is being planted in the first picture and uprooted in the second.
    The last two pictures are a time to mourn and a time to dance.
    Am I right?

    • Actually, you probably have a better idea than I do since you are so much better at sign language than I am. The only advantage I have is that the pictures I took are in order and I am assuming that most of the translations were in order. Yes, Uiko is holding a baby and Pastor Minamida is signing dying. Uiko is planting and Pastor Minamida is uprooting. I think you are right about the planting and uprooting in the Korean SL.
      I was going to say you were wrong about the last answer and that the two pictures are showing “a time to weep and a time to laugh”. However, I looked at the pictures and couldn’t find both pairs – weep/laugh and mourn/dance. Then I remembered a discussion about whether it was acceptable to combine two pairs together. I think that the Korean SL team might have combined these two pairs into one pair. My memory is that the only contribution I made that day was to ask whether poetry was mainly designed to convey information or to convey feelings and emotion. The consultants in training decided that feelings and emotion overrode information in poetry and therefore it was acceptable to combine the two together if that produced the intended emotions.

  3. Actually, I’m wrong… after watching the video clips.
    That first shot of Pastor Minamida & Uiko isn’t a pair — it’s right in between a switch. Pastor Minamida froze uprooting, and Uiko froze after throwing stone. Pastor Matsumodo is about to turn and point at Pastor Minamida who will proceed to gather up stones which Uiko just threw.
    For the last Korean picture — they actually did separate weep/laugh and mourn/dance in the video.

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