APSDA DTCDW Day 4 – Korea   1 comment

The morning started with the Korean contingent giving a presentation on exegesis and hermeneutics (“the branch of knowledge dealing with interpretation” – Oxford American Dictionary; yes, I had to look it up.)  In the picture below Pastor Kim (Deaf Korea) begins his presentation.

At lunch there was a patch of sunshine and many of us chose to sit at that table.  We have had several days of rain.  We made a decision to postpone the afternoon session until after supper.  Instead we went to the arboretum.  I have to say that we acted a bit silly.  In the first picture Pastor Kim leads the way.

I played the part of a paparazzi (nasty press photographer) while Sunny Hong (Hearing Korea) played the star with a retinue.  Here Sunny’s retinue try to keep me from getting a picture.

In the next picture Miya (Deaf Japan) leads the dancers around the pond.

Failure at doing the limbo under a bar.

Here is a good group picture at the pond.

Even though it is the first day of December there was much beauty to behold.

After supper Mark (Hearing USA) led a further discussion of advanced translation principles.  One of topics he focused on was loyalty, i.e., to whom and to what is the translator loyal.  There was good discussion around the table.


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  1. FUN post!! Great pictures and break from the meetings! =)

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