APSDA DTCDW Day 3 – Korea   1 comment

Yuki (Hearing Japan) started the morning by introducing participatory methods, a means for ensuring group participation and interacting.  Rather than introducing a tool already used with Hearing groups he introduced the concept of participatory methods and allowed the Deaf to design their own tools.  They then used the method to discuss what a translation consultant should be and do.  The first picture below shows a diagram which came out of the morning session.

Pastor Hori (Deaf Japan) lead the afternoon session on mentoring.  He is a very good teacher.  The first picture below shows his response to receiving an answer which shows that his message was understood.

There was good audience participation.  In the next two pictures Pastor Matsumoto is invited to make a point.

In this next two pictures Miya discusses from the “floor” (actually from her chair).


One response to “APSDA DTCDW Day 3 – Korea

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  1. I like the diagram. It’s clear. I ask the Lord still stays among all participants and whom involve for leading the workshop be successful!

    Chirapa Niwatapant

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