Day 11 – Bujumbura, Burundi (15 November 2011)   Leave a comment

There are many things about Burundi which I enjoy.  There are a few things which are less than enjoyable.  One is the slow connection to the internet.  Kenya now has a connection to a fast fibre optic line which runs down the east coast of Africa.  So far I don’t think it has reached Burundi.  Posting these blogs has caused me to have some strange hours, even stranger than I normally have.  I also have been trying since Sunday to post a short video to YouTube.  The video is less than a minute of a song from the church service.  Once it got all the way to 90% before quitting.  Wednesday morning it finally succeeded in uploading.  Yeah!!!!!  I will try to embed it on this page but if that doesn’t work you can see it at (high definition) or (standard size).

I stayed up all night Monday to post the blog about the dedication so I skipped the checking session on Tuesday and took a long nap.  Here is the report I got back on the sessions.  The first picture shows Tarja (Finland) and Chirapa (Thailand) leading one session.

As you requested the DOOR translation team invited people who knew very little about the Bible. One of the stories checked was about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael.  This story was new to most of those watching.  After watching the first part of the story they thought that it was Sarah who was expecting.  It wasn’t until the end of the story that they realised that Hagar was the one who was expecting.  This is just the sort of challenge which these checks are supposed to reveal.  The consultants in training told me that the information was in the video.  This may mean that there was  problem with how the information was presented.  We will be working with the Deaf translators to make this part of the story more clear.  Adding the background pictures should also help clarify the situation.

Another comment was that there were Kenyan SL signs in the translation in certain places.  This is a danger with doing the translation outside of the language area.  All of DOOR’s Burundian, Ethiopian, Ghanaian, Ugandan and Tanzanian teams live in Kenya for 9 months each year working together on translation.  It is a great environment but there is the danger of borrowing signs from the dominant language – Kenyan SL.  One of the purposes of the months back in their home countries is to replace any Kenyan SL signs with Burundian SL signs.


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