Day 10 – Bujumbura, Burundi (14 November 2011) Dedication Day   1 comment

The scheduled start was at 9.  Almost no one was there at 9.  Not even all of the Door Burundi SL team were there.  I got a little worried.  I had time to take pictures without people in the way.

I shouldn’t have worried we were just on Burundi time.  We started a bit more than an hour late.  I counted about 100 people in attendance.  Here is a picture of the crowd.

There were speeches, introductions and many thank yous.  On stage right was a table covered by a sheet.  Finally the time came for the unveiling.

The DOOR Burundi SL translation team then told what this event meant to them and about all of the work which went into producing the translation on this stack of video Bibles.  I know some of their hard work.  This is my third trip to Burundi to work with them.

Then we had a celebration song.  I really enjoy the singing in Burundi.

Once all of the speeches were done and the final prayers said it was time for distribution.   I have many pictures of people receiving their Burundi SL Bible portions.  One of the ones most meaningful to me shows one of the former DOOR translators receiving his copy.

BTW, I am trying to follow Man Di’s advice to put in more pictures and fewer words.  Let me know what you think.


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  1. I think I like the “more pictures, less words”. Very good.

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