Day 9 – Bujumbura, Burundi (13 November 2011)   1 comment

Patrick met us at our Hotel.  Then he and Luka procured two taxis for us.  As usual I get to sit beside the driver in the front seat.  The back seat situation is  bit more crowded.  My taxi often has all four ladies in the back seat – Aris, Chirapa, Julia and Tarja.  We headed toward Lake Tanganyika, at first on main roads and then more narrow bumpy roads and then unto even smaller roads.  Eventually the taxi could go no further.  We walked the last 100 meters or so.

Worship was already in progress when we arrived, the large drum beating out the rhythm for the singing.

Moses led the first song.  He is on the far right of this picture below.  I can’t identify everyone in the picture.  Julia and Tarja are next to Moses.  The lady in “pink” with the pink hat is Edith who has been a great help with improving the translation.  (I await the artists to tell me the right name of the colour I call pink.)

Below is a still picture from a video of the third song.  I am trying to upload the video but that may not succeed.  If it does I will come back in a add the link.

Moses delivered the message.

Here are two pictures of the last song.  The man in the first picture was formerly a DOOR translator.  They announced his engagement at this service.

Do you remember a week ago when I got to hold a baby?  I didn’t get any pictures then but she was back this Sunday and I have a picture.

Tomorrow (or actually today since fit is after midnight) is the dedication starting at 9 am Burundi time.  Please pray.


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  1. Great blog, thanks Harry. Will keep praising God for all he is enabling you and Geri to do. It even looks like fun! In Christ, Steve

    Steve Etherington

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