Day 7 – Bujumbura, Burundi (11 November 2011)   Leave a comment

FINISHED on Friday

The consultants in training and the DOOR Burundi SL translation team finished the last story today.  That doesn’t mean that we have stopped working.  We are now going back and looking at some of the earlier stories again.  It does mean that we have Saturday off, except for a social put on for us by the Deaf.  We leave in a few minutes so I probably won’t post this until afterwards.  It is now Sunday evening and I am just now posting this.  Sorry.

We have has some very faithful people coming each day for the checking.  I really like the colourful outfits the ladies wear.  The poor guys don’t seem to get to wear the colourful clothes.  Here is a composite picture of some of the outfits.

If the internet speeds up I will post a photo of the restaurant visit on Wednesday, Day 5.


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