Day 4 – Bujumbura, Burundi (08 November 2011)   2 comments

Day 4 (Tuesday) was our second day of testing.  We were able to test four more stories.  We have finished 7 totals.  The Deaf translators from DOOR very humbly listen to people say what they like and what they don’t like about their translations.  They video all of the comments so that they have a record for when they return to Kenya to edit their translations and prepare the videos for publication.  In the picture below Moses (Deaf translator with DOOR) clarifies a point made by someone watching the video.  Aris (Deaf consultant in training from Colombia) watches.

None of this team of consultants is fluent in Burundi SL.  Anil, Julia and Luka with DOOR have had some exposure to Burundi SL at the DOOR Centre in Kenya.  The other consultants in training, from Finland, Colombia and Thailand, are seeing Burundi SL for the first time.  I am amazed at how well they can communicate but it requires a lot of concentration for communication to happen.  In the picture below Aris and Luka concentrate to follow the Burundi SL conversation.

I don’t know any sign language at all.  So I have to have an interpreter.  On this trip it is Bill (USA).  He is very good.  I have also worked with him in SE Asia.  In the picture below he has the impossible task of trying to watch three people signing Burundi SL at the same time.  This is his first exposure to Burundi SL signers.  He is doing an excellent job.

One of the Burundi ladies asked me why I was being so “quiet”, not saying much.  She had met me at the Lake and knew that I could sign a little and mime a lot.  I didn’t answer her question directly but asked her whether she was familiar with dinosaurs.  She said “Yes” so I asked whether she had seen one in person.  After she answered “No” I told her that I was a dinosaur, a translation consultant who doesn’t sign but who still checks sign language translation.  “In a few years only translation consultants, Deaf and Hearing, who can sign will be checking sign language translation.  I won’t be needed.”


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2 responses to “Day 4 – Bujumbura, Burundi (08 November 2011)

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  1. These are very nice pics and comments. Today Nov 9th 2011, during worship I was able to share some of the stories you have written to the staff (most Deaf) here at DOOR. They were happy, and also amazed that you had finished checking 7 stories in two days! Keep up the Good work Harry

    Shadrack- DOOR

    • Thank you, Shadrack, for the kind words. However, it is not my doing. I sit in the corner and the consultants in training do all of the work. Today they did 6 stories. I think I answered 2-3 questions the whole day. That makes 13 stories completed so far. My main contribution today was to suggest that we go out for pizza tonight.

      A couple of the ladies who have been coming regularly this week asked about you . One is named Edith. I forget the other name. I think they have sent you video messages which I will bring back to Kenya.

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