Day 1 – Bujumbura, Burundi (05 November 2011)   Leave a comment

This morning (Saturday, 5 Nov.) our team of 7 flew from Nairobi, Kenya to Bujumbura, Burundi.

  • Chirapa – Deaf, Thailand, consultant in training
  • Tarja – Deaf, Finland, consultant in training
  • Aris – Deaf, Colombia, consultant in training
  • Julia – Deaf, USA, consultant in training
  • Anil – Hearing, India, senior consultant in training
  • Luka – Hearing, Kenya, consultant in training
  • Bill – Hearing, USA, interpreter
  • Harry – Hearing, USA, international translation consultant

There are two main goals for this trip – help the DOOR translation team improve their translation of Bible portions into Burundi SL and celebrate with them when they dedicate the first ever parts of the Bible published in their language.

After getting unpacked at our Hotel we went for a walk.  Here is a market we discovered.


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